commercial floor cleaning in Fairfield, NJ

Best Practices For Cleaning Your Floors

The floors get dirty, and thy will continue to get dirty.  As a result, you will need to constantly keep cleaning them.  When it comes to cleaning your floors there should be some best practices that you should follow.  For those looking at commercial floor cleaning in Fairfield, NJ here are some options to consider.

Locate spots

The first thing you need to do is locate spots and blemishes that are on the floor.  These should be addressed first since they will take the most time to remove and care for.  Once you have located and started to treat them, you can then move on to the next step.

Clean up bulk trash

The next step is to clean up the bulk trash items.  This means emptying trash cans, bins and taking out anything that may have been bagged by employees.  Once you have all of this removed you will have a blank canvas essentially that you can evaluate and determine your next move.

Decide on the heaviest areas

Now that you have your foundation, look for the heaviest areas that need your attention.  You should go and attack those first.  When you attack these heaviest areas, you are removing eye soars and other conditions that could hinder your working on other areas.

Plan your attack

You need to plan your attack in a strategic way.  Jumping from area to area will just lead to mass confusion and possibly forgetting what it is you have already cleaned.  What you do from this point forward should be productive and manage your time and resources well. 

commercial floor cleaning in Fairfield, NJ

Stock up for the next day

At the end of the job you want to do a final walk through and see what needs some touchup and what will need to be addressed first thing next time.  Once you do this you will want to make a list of supplies that you will need, make sure that they are stocked and ready to go and then on your final pass, do any last details, turn out the light and move on to the next project.

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